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Email Broadcasting

Whereas we’ve been engaged in fax marketing for about 9 years, it is only in the last 6 years or so that we’ve become involved in email marketing.

Email marketing falls into two types (unsolicited – commonly called ‘spam’ and then mailings to an ‘opt-in’ or customer database). There is a lot of confusion surrounding unsolicited commercial mailings so here’s the lowdown.

Within the UK/EU it is perfectly legal to send an unsolicited commercial email (UCE) to a named individual or generic address at a business email address subject to a number of rules – all of which we abide by. Chief among these are that:
  1. Any person who receives an unsolicited email must be able to opt out of all future emails and that request must be fully in place within 10 days. With us it is immediately effective through an automated process.
  2. The subject lines must not be misleading
  3. The send address must be genuine
  4. The sending company must provide full contact details in the email (normally at the bottom) including company name, registered office address and company number.

The real spammers abide by none of these rules which is why tracking them down is especially difficult.

Whereas it is perfectly legal to email companies it is not legal to email ‘consumers’ unless they have opted in to receiving emails from the sending organization. For this reason we focus our efforts on business to business marketing and tend to stay clear of consumer mailings unless we are provided with verifiable opt-in or customer data from our client.

As with fax broadcasting, using the term ‘email broadcasting’ our business currently holds the number 1 position, page 1 on Google in terms of natural search. This is against 26,000,000 other entries.

Email broadcasting rates start at 50 per 1,000 for low quantities dropping to as low as 1 per 1,000 on very large sends. Thus if a client was to send out 100,000 emails @ 10 per 1,000 (ie 1p per email), the total cost would be 1,000 and you would receive 15% (150) commission. Arranging a send like this every so often would certainly boost your bank balance.

The above rates apply whether using our data or your client’s.

We also offer bulk email sends (no selection allowed if using our data) to businesses in general at the following rates:

250,000 599
500,000 999

On these incredibly low rates we pay 10% commission.

For more information on emailing you may like to visit our specialist sites  and  



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