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Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd
Company number 382 1103
Eurocom Marketing Ltd
Company number 04835378
Promolists Ltd
Company number 667 5901
Email Services (UK) Ltd
Company number 673 9535

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Company Profile


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The Team Group of companies consists of four separate businesses which began with Team Telecom (Europe) Ltd, eleven years ago in August 1999. From Team Telecom, Eurocom Marketing Ltd was spun off in 2002 to handle non telecom activities such as sales incentives, domain names, data sales, press releases, video production and book publishing. Some years ago we added Promovoice Ltd (voice broadcasting) and Email Services (UK) Ltd which looks after the email marketing side of the business.

Since its inception11 years ago the group has been based in the same offices in Hove, East Sussex and now has a diverse number of clients spread around the UK and overseas.

Within the various companies that make up the group there is offered a wide range of products and services. These include:

* Fax Marketing We’re currently in number 1 position on Google
* Email Broadcasting Sending out messages for clients or letting them use our self service software
* Voice Broadcasting Delivery of phone messages at up to 10,000 per hour. No 1 on Google
* Data Sales / Swap A fast growing division within the group
* Phone Numbers Non geographic 0844phone numbers
* Sales Incentives Low cost high perceived value travel incentives to boost sales
* Email Verification Cleansing of customer databases to ensure that email addresses are valid
* Domain Names We have a large number of domain names for sale or lease
* Book Publishing We recently published The Domain Game. Other titles are being looked at
* Press Releases Online press releases that take you to Page 1 of Google
* Online MarketResearch Data or other research at attractive rates
* Video Promotions Low cost video production for companies large and small

The group is headed by Kiwi born entrepreneur Henry Newrick who, prior to his arrival in the UK back in 1995, had spent most of his life as a publisher in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. In addition to owning and managing publishing companies he has over the past 45+ years gained considerable experience in the marketing of a wide range of service oriented businesses.

The Hove team is tightly run with just 5 in-house staff backed by numerous outsourced specialists all over the world based in the following countries USA, Canada, the Philippines, India, Croatia and New Zealand.

Newrick comes from that school of thought which says that if you are not growing the business then you are surely going backwards. Accordingly, and notwithstanding the current economic climate, the group is poised to make significant gains during 2011 and beyond. These are not normal times but for those with the right mindset there are also great opportunities. For those who lose their jobs new horizons beckon and also there are lessons to be learned – perhaps the greatest of all being that real security comes from being in charge of your own destiny, and not being a salaried member of some organization – whether large or small.

Rather than hiring more Hove based sales staff for its UK expansion Team has chosen to appoint a network of independent, franchised agents around the country who can take the various marketing services and offer them to businesses within the region in which they live and work. Some franchisees may find that particular services appeal to them more than others and thus focus on marketing these; others may handle a wider range. It’s up to the individual franchisee.

The real key to being a successful franchisee lies not in focusing on the sale of the services offered by the Team Group, but to instead position oneself as a marketing consultant advising and helping local businesses to grow utilizing the tools made available through the Team Group.

As we all know good business is all about getting to know people and to this extent it is better to have people on the ground locally who are already known (or if not, soon will be) and who can build trusted working relationships with prospects and clients. It was Abraham Lincoln who said “If first you would win somebody to your cause, you must make them your friend”. Exactly the same principles apply to selling. “Know me, Like me, Trust me” is a much used mantra in this internet age – for it succinctly acknowledges that people buy from people.

Working with the Team Group as a local franchisee you will potentially make significant earnings. You can work as many or as few hours as you wish. It’s up to you. From the point of view of keeping active it is important to be doing something and if for whatever reason, you find yourself now unemployed or seeking change, then becoming one of our franchisees will keep you visible in the marketplace and also bring in a much needed income.

The retail price of products and services offered by the various companies within the group are very competitive. You will receive a generous commission on all sales – ranging in the order of 10%-40% and generally hovering around 30%.

For more information on the products and services we offer please review the following few pages. Don’t forget to also check out:

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